Five Favourite Character Fashions

Have you ever sat down to watch your favourite TV show and thought to yourself, “Where do they shop?” “How can I steal their style?” Well, you’re not the only one. Here are five of my favourite characters, and tips on how and where to shop like them. Don’t forget to check out the references below for links to each article of clothing.

  • Violet BaudelaireA Series of Unfortunate Events
Malina Weissman as Violet Baudelaire

Played by actress Malina Weissman, Violet Baudelaire is inquisitive, bold and old-school fashionable. Playing up the bland and subtle straight cut bangs and washed-out tones, Violet’s fashion is all about the soft, baby colors. Starting with her pink, high-collared dress and the thin, white belt, you can find both these items online at Etsy, though the look is incomplete without the crocheted blue cardigan3 which you can find at Gap.

  • BiancaThe DUFF
Mae Whitman as Bianca

Played by actress Mae Whitman, dumb-ugly-fat-friend she is not and if quirky is your new cute then it’s time to better acquaint yourself with Bianca’s style. Starting with the adorable denim overalls. I recommend getting your pair at Free People which allows you to pick your favourite shade of overall blue. Next let’s take a look at that classic red, plaid Bianca’s wrapped around her waste. My favourite version of this flannel button-up is found at Eddie Bauer, though chances are you already have one tucked away in your closet.

  • Betty CooperRiverdale
Lili Reinhart as Betty Cooper

Played by actress Lili Reinhart, girl-next-door sweetheart with a dark side, Betty Cooper is all about the bejewelled collars and the cozy sweaters. I find my favourite shirts with embroidered collars at Simons and when it comes to comfy yet form-fitting sweaters7, my first stop is always American Eagle.

  • ChantryThe F Word
Zoe Kazan as Chantry

Played by actress Zoe Kazan, Chantry’s style is everything but ordinary. They say the most alluring color a woman can wear is red, and whether it’s true or not, Chantry takes those words to the heart. For your own woollen red coat check out Berrylook and don’t forget Chantry’s semi-sheer red tights which you can find for cheap on Amazon. Finally, if it’s an artsy beret your out to find, Etsy has a wide selection of colors and styles.

  • Christine ‘Lady Bird’ McPherson Lady Bird
Saoirse Ronan as Lady Bird

Played by actress Saoirse Ronan, Lady Bird can make anything from a bad dye-job to a broken arm fashionable. If it’s a cute-catholic school girl look your going for, you can get your own pleated mini-skirt from ASOS and a white collared shirt from Gap.

Don’t forget to check out the links and step into the clothes of your favourite characters!


  1. Etsy: Pink, high-collared dress:
  2. Etsy: Thin, white belt:
  3. Gap: Blue cardigan:
  4. Free People: Denim overalls:
  5. Eddie Bauer: Red, plaid, flannel shirt:—boyfriend/20801291?showProducts=111&color=487&sizetype=Tall&size=L&usfs=1113107&cm_mmc=GooglePLA--non_brand_PLA_Women_Tops_Desktop--20801291_Desktop-_-0083419487000060&
  6. Simons: Embroidered collared shirts:–6867-19279?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI_57B1bvf3wIVghx9Ch1Eog0uEAQYBSABEgJNxfD_BwE&catId=6667&colourId=1&sizeId=SF07-9998&ef_id=EAIaIQobChMI_57B1bvf3wIVghx9Ch1Eog0uEAQYBSABEgJNxfD_BwE:G:s&s_kwcid=AL!5784!3!198908115961!!!g!302123791819
  7. American Eagle: Comfy, form-fitting sweaters:
  8. Berrylook: Woolen, red coat:
  9. Amazon: Semi-sheer, red tights:
  10. Etsy: Artsy beret:
  11. ASOS: Pleated mini-skirts:
  12. Gap: Collared, white shirt:


I am a screenwriter and story editor based out of Vancouver. I have attended Vancouver Film School and have now joined the amazing Canadian writer's community.

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