NetGalley and New Classics

I’m very excited to be joining NetGalley and start reviewing books. As an intern for New Classics Books, I’ve learned the importance of media, bloggers, and book reviews when it comes to getting your book into the market. NetGalley is an online platform that can get newly or not-yet published books into the hands of reviewers before the big launch date.

I’m really thrilled to have discovered NetGalley, and can thank the amazing New Classics Books for their leadership and training in children’s literature publication.

New Classics Books launched three amazing children’s books in October 2019, and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. Their first and my favourite of the three is Monsters Are Afraid of Babies which follows the story of a young boy who brings his baby sister to bed to help protect him from the frightful monsters that lurk in the night. The second book is The Kingdom of Glee, which is a great book for children to learn how to name and express their emotions, while reading about kings, kingdoms, monsters and magic. Last but certainly not least is The Kitten, the Cat & the Apple, which follows the simple story of a bored kitten, and his journey to understanding that life is only as boring as you make it.

Along with these amazing stories are book trailers which can be found on YouTube. Happy reading and happy Halloween.


I am a screenwriter and story editor based out of Vancouver. I have attended Vancouver Film School and have now joined the amazing Canadian writer's community.

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