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Coming Soon! The Birthing Tree is a fantastically evil and horribly strange novella based off my award-winning screenplay Blind.


Writer for pilot episode of VFS webseries “The Hit Couple”


The Girl in the Board is a short story published by Menstruation Nation: Supporting the Progressive Voice.

Blind was published by Dizzy Emu after winning at the 13Horror Screenplay Competition. The script follows a Catholic woman who must fight for the life of her malformed child against a farmer hell-bent on ridding the world of impurities.

Postpartum was published by The Bangalore Review in September 2019. This short story follows a young mother dealing with depression on an exceptionally warm summer day.

Unproduced Feature Scripts

Alice Through the Microscope was a winner at the Female Film Festival in 2018 and the Vancouver International Women in Film Festival in 2019. If you’re looking for a thriller/sci-fi following intelligent pre-teens (ex: Stranger Things) this is the script for you!

The Greatest Height won gold for best dialogue and silver for best script at the Queen Palm International Film Festival in June 2019. This is a spiritually uplifting script with a quirky female protagonist who through relationships and heartbreak, meets God.

Patchwork follows conjoined twin girls of a seamstress mother who are surgically separated, only for one twin to want nothing more than to be sewn back to her sister’s side.

Bombshell follows a prom queen who is crowned with a ticking time bomb tiara by the four boys whose hearts she broke.

A young mute girl is devoured from the inside out in this single location creature feature called Cestoda. The script was nominated for best technique at The Monkey Bread Tree Festival where a judge stated Cestoda was “A strange and very well thought out script with some interesting unique touches.”

Safe House follows Lisbeth Fontaine as she tries to break from the cycle of abuse with her boyfriend and instead finds herself trapped in seven days of wish granting torture.

Reality TV

TV Spec